Paper submission guideline

Authors should submit their manuscript through ( in a pdf format.

Overall Page Set-Up:
Margins: Set margins to 1″ for Top and Bottom, and 1.25” for Left and Right.
Paper Size: 8.5 inches (wide) x 11 inches (high)
Justification: Full (except for headings, as specified below)
Spacing: Single-spaced
Paragraphs: Separated by one blank line
Font: Times New Roman, 12 point

For oral presentation: Completed Empirical Research_Full paper
Accepted papers in this category will be eligible for the “Conference Paper Awards.” To be selected, the paper must solidly demonstrate sound theoretical development, proper research design, pertinent data collection methods, appropriate and relevant data analyses and exhibit a possible solution to real-world problems. Students must submit a Structured Abstract (2,000 words max., in English, including tables/figures, but excluding references) by the deadline (September 15th, 2021, 11:59 p.m. Central Standard Time, USA) to be considered for this track. Students who do not submit a Completed Empirical Research Paper_Full paper will not qualify their paper for oral presentation consideration.

For poster: Work-in-Progress paper
The intent of this track is to encourage presentation of research projects that are not completed but might be of significant interest to the research community. Both conceptual and empirical papers that are “work-in-progress” would fall into this category. Graduate students who wish to present a paper based on their research proposals for master’s theses, doctoral dissertations, or undergraduate honors research should submit papers to the relevant tracks in this category.  The poster should present significant theoretical or conceptual developments, research propositions or hypotheses, proposed methods and/or a data analysis plan. Students must submit a Structured Abstract (1,000 words max., in English including tables/figures, but excluding references) by the deadline (September 15th, 2021, 11:59 p.m. Central Standard Time, USA), to be eligible for consideration in the poster track.

References and citations should be in APA style format.
 Author names, contact information, title, short abstract (120 words max) and key words should be directly entered in the EasyChair system. Do not create any separate Word document; no cover page is necessary.
The paper should be submitted to the EasyChair system as a pdf file. The first page of the research paper should begin with the paper title. Author names and affiliations should not be included in any part of the paper and should not appear in the document name.
All accepted papers (both oral presentation and poster) will be published as 1-page extended abstracts in the conference proceedings. The final abstract must be submitted by the deadline (November 9th, 2021, 11:59pm Central Standard Time, USA), or they will not be part of the conference program or published in the Conference Proceedings. Detailed proceeding instructions will be announced with the paper acceptance notification.


Faculty Endorsement of Student Research: Students submitting papers must list the name and email address of the sponsoring faculty member (i.e., advisor/supervisor). As a reminder, papers submitted must be original, cannot have been published/presented or accepted in a journal or another conference proceedings. Students are encouraged to solicit feedback on their papers during the conference and to submit their final completed work for journal publication.