1:15 pm - 3:00 pm
Malibu, Sunset, Redwood, Lassen, Sierra, Sequoia, Yosemite



Moderator: Dr. Sungsik Yoon, California State Polytechnic University Pomona

#132                Co-creating Hospitality Experiences: The Roles of Guest Attachment Styles. Emmanuella Owens (Auburn University), Jaewon Choi (Delaware University), Srikanth Beldona (Delaware University) and Hemnant Kher (Delaware University)


#143                Value, co-creation, and friendship to improve club member loyalty.

Seung Jeon (Iowa State University) and SoJung Lee (Iowa State University)


#144                Are Eco-Friendly Hotels (In)Convenient?  An Implicit Association Test (IAT).

Farhad Tabatabaei (University of Delaware), Srikanth Beldona (University of Delaware) and Joanne Jung-Eun Yoo (University of Delaware)

#194                A Conceptual Approach to Idiosyncratic Service Experiences at Boutique Hotels.

                        Yongwook Ju (Purdue University) and Soocheong Shawn Jang (Purdue University



Moderator: Dr. Li Ge, California State Polytechnic University Pomona

#153                Factors Influencing Snowbirds’ Intentions to Relocate to Florida Permanently.

Jianwen Li (University of Central Florida), Suja Chaulagain (University of Central Florida), Abraham Pizam (University of Central Florida) and Rojan Baniya (Hawaiʻi Pacific University)


#188                Memorable Tourism Experience: Application of Q Methodology in Heritage Red Tourism.

Pengsongze Xue (University of Guelph), Hongyan Wang (Yan’an University), WooMi Jo (University of Guelph) and Jinna Dong (Yan’an University)


#214                Content Design of Audio Tour Guides for Self-drive Travelers.

Jun Chen (Purdue University) and Xinran Lehto (Purdue University)

#219                Exploring space tourists’ constraints: An application of topic modeling.

Christopher Slaney (Iowa state University), SoJung Lee (Iowa State University) and Sukhwa Hong (University of Hawaii at Hilo)



Moderator: Dr. Kelly Min, California State Polytechnic University Pomona

#161                Fostering employees’ perceived inclusion climate for leadership diversity: Conceptualization and scale development.

Huy Gip (University of Houston, Conrad Hilton College) and Priyanko Guchait (University of Houston, Conrad Hilton College


#170                Climate for Personal Expression and Employee Turnover: the Roles of Job Satisfaction and Core Self-evaluations.

Michael Caligiuri (The Pennsylvania State University), Phil Jolly (The Pennsylvania State University) and Michael Tews (The Pennsylvania State University)


#182                Hospitality Human Resource Management: A review of 12 years of research.

Lu-Ping Lin (University of Missouri-Columbia) and Seonghee Cho (University of Missouri-Columbia)


#199                Energizer or stimulant? Moderating roles of coffee on the abusive supervision exhaustion effects.

Dongwon Yun (University of Nevada, Las Vegas) and Cass Shum (University of Nevada, Las Vegas)



Moderator: Dr. Agnes Defranco, University of Houston

#109                Estimating the Effect of Advertising on Market Power in the lodging industry: Evidence from South Korea.

Kisung Jung (Kyung-Hee University) and Kyuwan Choi (Kyung-Hee University)


#215                Successful Project Pitches in Restaurant Crowdfunding: Strategies for African American Entrepreneurs.

Xiaodan Mao-Clark (University of Houston), Yoon Koh (University of Houston) and Agnes Defranco (University of Houston)


#264                Economic Impact of Covid-19 Responses on the Leisure and Hospitality Industry.

Lali Odosashvili (University of South Carolina) and Mark Nagel (University of South Carolina)



Moderator: Dr. Jamie Sun, California State Polytechnic University Pomona

#198                A Vacation Rental or a Hotel? The Effects of Perceived Control & Value on Customer Choice.

Meiying Liu (University of Delaware), Srikanth Beldona (University of Delaware) and Timothy Webb (University of Delaware)


#212                Generational Differences in Attitudes toward Local Wines: Evidence from an Emerging Wine Region.

                        Oleksandra Hanchukova (Texas Tech University) and Natalia Velikova (Texas Tech University)


#267                You need to tell a story! The effectiveness of travel influencers’ posts: A synthesis of ELM and TIM.

Yueying He (Oklahoma State University), Kevin Kam Fung So (University of South Carolina) and Hyunsu Kim (California State University Fullerton)


#272                Eye-Tracking Analysis of Gain and Loss Promotion Strategy: The Interaction Effects of Product Type and Price on Hotel Customer Booking Intention.

Beomjoo Kim (University of Missouri Columbia) and Dae-Young Kim (University of Missouri)



Moderator: Dr. Minwoo Lee, University of Houston


#136                Theory-Driven Predictive Modeling for Food-service Crowdfunding Success: An Integrated Approach with Business Intelligence and Supervised Machine Learning.

Araceli Hernandez Calderon (University of Houston), Yoon Koh (University of Houston) and Minwoo Lee (University of Houston)


#242                How do I feel when I saw service robots in the restaurant? Exploring the role of robot social cues in customer emotions, experiences, and behaviors.

Yusi Cheng (University of Central Florida) and Wei Wei (University of Central Florida)


#260                Evolution of Artificial Intelligence in Hospitality and Tourism Research: A Bibliometric and Machine Learning Approach.

Ahmet Hacikara (University of Central Florida), Jeong-Yeol Park (University of Central Florida), Fuad Mehraliyev (Roskilde University) and Fevzi Okumus (University of Central Florida)


#262                Does Organizational Culture Really Matter in the Digital Transformation of Hotels?

                        Woojin Lee (Purdue University), Hong Soon Kim (University of Delaware) and Soocheong Jang (Purdue University)



Moderator: Dr. Ben Dewald, California State Polytechnic University Pomona


#59                  How Community Attachment and Resident Attitude Analysis Links To Work Engagement In The Hotel Industry Of Island Tourism: An Approach From Guam, Micronesia.

Hyei Rin Joo (Iowa State University) and Tracy Xu (University of Surrey)


#83                  Color Possesses a Language Without Words! Exploring the Role of Color in Green Communication Messages to Reduce Food Waste at Events.

Xiaolong Shao (Iowa State University), Xingyi Zhang (University of North Texas), Eunha Jeong (Iowa State University) and Eric Olson (Metropolitan State University of Denver)


#150                Identifying the Key Storytelling Attributes in Whiskey Distillery Tourism: A Delphi Study.

Danni Capps (Texas Tech University) and Michelle Alcorn (Texas Tech University)


#210                When virtual reality (VR) meets wine experience: The role of virtual social presence, mental imagery, and telepresence.

Demi Shenrui Deng (Washington State University), Soobin Seo (Washington State University) and Robert J. Harrington (Washington State University).