Poster Session B

1:45 pm - 2:30 pm
Grand Ballroom Foyer

Poster Session B



#47                  Who are Generation Z listening to? Online influencers or Peers.

Chang Ma (Purdue University), Enxi Cui (Purdue University) and Alei Fan (Purdue University)


#55                  Assessing How Music Affects Conscious Behaviour of Guests in a Hotel.

Daniella Ofer (Florida International University) and Miranda Kitterlin-Lynch (Florida International University)


#76                  Investigating the effect of customers’ ESG knowledge on perceived price fairness.

Yun-Na Park (Conrad N. Hilton College of Global Hospitality Leadership, University of Houston), Minjung Shin (Conrad N. Hilton College of Global Hospitality Leadership, University of Houston) and Ki-Joon Back (Conrad N. Hilton College of Global Hospitality Leadership, University of Houston)


#81                  Relationship-focused supply chain in the hospitality industry.

Vishakha Kumari (The Ohio State University), Jay Kandampully (The Ohio State University) and Stephanie Liu (The Ohio State University).


#82                  The impact of in-room technologies to consumer hotel selection.

Bianca Louise Del Castillo (California State Polytechnic University (Cal Poly Pomona)) and Neha Singh (California State Polytechnic University (Cal Poly Pomona)


#89                  Customers’ Perceptions of Headscarf in the Restaurant Industry in the United States.

Damla Sonmez (University of South Carolina), Faizan Ali (University of South Florida), Vivienne Wildes (Bucknell University) and Cihan Cobanoglu (University of South Florida)


#147                Hotel Guests’ Intention to Stay During a Pandemic: A Comparison of Frequent Versus Infrequent Travelers.

Araceli Hernandez Calderon (University of Houston), Xi Leung (University of North Texas) and JiYoung Kim (University of North Texas)




#94                  Understanding Robotic Service Failure and its Consequences in Hospitality Industry.

Halyna Horpynich (University of South Florida), Ali Faizan (University of South Florida) and Cihan Cobanoglu (University of South Florida)


#102                Exploring the “time deepening” phenomenon from temporary residents as a constraint negotiation strategy.

Suji Park (Hanyang University), Wangoo Lee (Temple University) and Chul Jeong (Hanyang University)


#120                Beyond Service Failure: Antecedents of Value Co-destruction in the Hospitality and Tourism Industries.

                        Michael Yu (University of Guelph), Pengsongze Xue (University of Guelph) and Hwan-Suk Choi (University of Guelph)


#129                Why are you so serious about it? Understanding the meaning of in-person esports events to the attendees through the lens of serious leisure.

Youngdeok Lee (University of Tennessee Knoxvolle) and Hongping Zhang (University of Tennessee Knoxvolle)




#126                The Effects of Age on the Performance and Market Value of Hotels: Does a Historical Effect Exist?

Khoa Tang (The Pennsylvania State University) and Dr John O’Neill (The Pennsylvnia State University)





#65                  Digital Hospitality: What is that?

                        Mahala Geronasso (University of Central Florida) and Murat Kizildag (University of Central Florida)


#68                  Live Streaming Tour Guides’ Competencies: Impact on Consumer Rapport, Attachment, and Visit Intention.

Jihwan Park (University of Nevada, Las Vegas) and James Busser (University of Nevada, Las Vegas)


#92                  Can Service Robots solve the current labor puzzle?

Patrycja Brylska (University of South Florida), Ali Faizan (University of South Florida) and Cihan Cobanoglu (University of South Florida)


#101                Hospitality Employees’ Perceived Threat towards AI and Robotics: The role of STARA Competence, Leaders, and Attitudes toward AI.

Selim Bakir (Auburn University) and Baker Ayoun (Hospitality Management Program)


#105                Self-check-in Kiosks: Customer Value Propositions and Outcomes.

Jiyoung Hwang (University of Nevada, Las Vegas) and James A. Busser (University of Nevada, Las Vegas)


#123                Event planners’ intentions to use augmented reality presentations (ARP).

Jihye Park (University of Central Florida), Jeeyeon Jeannie Hahm (University of Central Florida) and Jeong-Yeol Park (University of Central Florida)



#97                  Bridging the Gap: Addressing the Hospitality Labor Shortage with an Exploratory Study on the Communication Strategy Between Hospitality Industry Executives and Academic Leaders.

Olivia Catasus (Florida International University) and Fang Shu (Florida International University)


#110                Felt trust and pro-customer rule-breaking: Are trusted employees’ compliant soldiers or risk-takers?

Dongwon Yun (University of Nevada, Las Vegas), Yung-Kuei Huang (National Ilan University) and Chihchien Chen (University of Nevada, Las Vegas)


#131                Addressing the Lack of Black Representation among Hospitality and Tourism Faculty in Higher Education.

Katheldra Alexander (University of South Carolina), Miranda Kitterlin-Lynch (Florida International University) and Brian Barker (Florida International University)


#139                Waking up from the “dream job”: Exploring employee outcomes of employer brand disconfirmation.

Susan Varga (University of Central Florida) and Tingting Zhang (University of Central Florida)


#154                Hospitality Employee Perceptions of Diversity Policies and Initiatives.

Cristina Ruiz (California State University, San Bernardino), Michelle Russen (California State University, San Bernardino), Huy Gip (University of Houston, Conrad Hilton College) and Priyanko Guchait (University of Houston, Conrad Hilton College)


#112                Exploring the Big Data Analysis and Programming Competencies and Skills for Managers in Hotel Industry.

Yen-Chi Wang (Fu Jen Catholic University) and Yu Chih Chiang (Fu Jen Catholic University)




#134                Micro-entrepreneurship and Peer-to-Peer Accommodation: Predicting and Explaining Hosts’ Continuance Participation in the P2P Accommodations.

Md Zaker Hossin (Oklahoma State University), Dr. Lisa Slevitch (Oklahoma State University) and Dr. Kevin So (Oklahoma State University)


#163                Barometric price leader in hotel competitor network.

Sung Lee (The Pennsylvania State University), Seoki Lee (The Pennsylvania State University) and Amit Sharma (The Pennsylvania State University)


#168                Understanding Service Quality with using Artificial Intelligence in the Lodging Industry.

Nisha Chhaya (Collins College of Hospitality Management, California State Polytechnic University Pomona) and Neha Singh (Collins College of Hospitality Management, California State Polytechnic University Pomona)





#54                  Tourism Slogans as a touchpoint for brand awareness.

Brianna Morman (University of Central Florida) and Valeriya Shapoval (University of Central Florida)


#56                  Customer Happiness of Masstige Hotel Brands.

Yusi Cheng (University of Central Florida), David Kwun (University of Central Florida) and Juhee Kang (University of Central Florida)


#84                  The effect of celebrity endorsement in upcycled food promotion.

Jiyeon Jeon (Iowa State University), HeeJin Shin (Iowa State University), EunHa Jeong (Iowa State University) and Xingyi Zhang (University of North Texas)





#88                  Food Service Managers Job Satisfaction in a Healthcare Setting.

Erin Gleason (Kansas State University) and Kevin Roberts (Kansas State University)


#91                  Tired of working too hard: Quiet Quitting in the Restaurant Industry.

Zhenxian Piao (University of Central Florida), Jeong-Yeol Park (University of Central Florida) and Bendegul Okumus (University of Central Florida


#159                Alcohol Use Disorder among Back of the House Food Service Workers – How do Workers Access Treatment?

Ericka Bauer (Kansas State University), Jichul Jang (Kansas State University), Miranda Kitterlin (Florida International University), Amber Vennum (Kansas State University) and Yue Teng-Vaughan (Kansas State University)



#124                Antecedents and Consequences of Hotel Chatbot Engagement.

                        Buket Yasar (Kocaeli University), Faizan Ali (University of South Florida) and Cihan Cobanoglu (University of South Florida)


#149                The Role of Festivals in the Development of Rural Communities: A Synthesis of Literature.

Jijun Chen (Purdue University), Liping Cai (Purdue University), Ying Lu (University of Kentucky) and Shinyong Jung (Purdue University)