Poster Session D

3:00 pm - 3:45 pm
Grand Ballroom Foyer

Poster Session D



#232                Exploring the effect of flow experience on the continuance intention toward Virtual Reality (VR) concert.

Sherrie Tennessee (UNLV College of Hospitality), Hyelin Kim (UNLV College of Hospitality), Sung-Eun Kim (Department of Tourism Management, College of Business Administration, Keimyung University) and Kwangsoo Park (Department of Apparel, Merchandising, Interior Design, and Hospitality Management, North Dakota State University)


#240                Understanding the interaction between narrative transportation, positive emotions, and tourists’ life satisfaction in red tourism sites.

Jiahui Wang (University of Massachusetts), Adiyukh Berbekova (University of Hawaii at Mānoa), Muzaffer Uysal (University of Massachusetts) and Sujie Wang (Shandong University)


#246                Vendor Intention to Book Same-Sex Weddings.

Madelynn Stokes (High Point University), Brianna Clark (High Point University), Marisa Ritter (High Point University) and Jessica Wiitala (High Point University)


#258                Guest prosocial behavior in commercial home accommodations and its relationship to host well-being.

Yiran Liu (Purdue University), Xinran Lehto (Purdue University), Alei Fan (Purdue University) and Jonathon Day (Purdue University)


#273                The Role of Aesthetic Design in Enhancing Customers’ Experience in Their Interactions with Service Robots.

                        Abraham Terrah (Oklahoma State University), Kevin Kam Fung So (Oklahoma State University) and Lisa Slevitch (Oklahoma State University)


#286                What Makes People Fly without A Destination?

                        Yeonseo Jo (University of Florida) and Rachel J.C. Fu (University of Florida)




#238                Smart Hotels: Studying Impact of Smart Customer Experience on Behavioral Intentions.

Ebru Kanli (University of South Florida), Faizan Ali (University of South Florida) and Luana Nanu (University of South Florida)


#255                All that glitters is not gold: Understanding the Consequences of Destination Misleading Photos.

Kashif Ali Khan (University of South Florida), M. Omar Parvez (University of South Florida) and Luana Nanu (University of South Florida)


#285                The Customer Journey and Experience in Sporting Events: How touch points in digital media influences authenticity, loyalty, and willingness to spend.

Jacob Janik (High Point University), Jessica Wiitala (High Point University), Brianna Clark (High Point University) and Tim Koba (High Point University)



#197                The effect of linguistic and communication factors on crowdfunding performance in the restaurant industry.

Chunsheng Jin (Iowa State University) and Jewoo Kim (Iowa State University)


#274                Location Effect on the Operating Risk of Hotel Type: A Conditional Process Analysis.

                        Joann Zhao (Penn State University)




#187                Perceived Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency (FAT) in ML-based AI Service Delivery: Conceptualization and Measurement.

Shizhen Jasper Jia (University of Florida), Haoran Chu (University of Florida) and Oscar Hengxuan Chi (University of Florida)


#203                Technostress from Compulsive Use of Technology and Its Impact on Sleep Quality and Academic Performance of Hospitality Students.

Usman Khan (University of South Florida), Faizan Ali (University of South Florida) and Muhammad Omar Parvez (University of South Florida)


#241                Need assessment of Data Science Skills among Hospitality Students using ADDIE Framework.

Freya Pan (Florida International University) and Imran Ahmad (Florida International University)


#248                Intention to co-create dining experience with Robot Waitstaff – The Role of Homophily, Parasocial Relationship, and Stickiness to Human Counterpart.

Atefeh Charmchian Langroudi (AUBURN UNIVERSITY), Imran Rahman (AUBURN UNIVERSITY) and Maryam Charmchian Langroudi (Houston University)


#282                Barriers to Big Data Adoption for Hotel Marketing.

Rasoul Mahdavi Sareskanroud (University of Mississippi), Mahsa Talebi (University of Mississippi) and Katerina Berezina (University of Mississippi)



#205                Empowering leadership and employee proactive customer service performance: The mediating role of organizational support and self-efficacy.

Hyojung Jung (Texas Tech University), Michelle Alcorn (Texas Tech University) and Shane Blum (Texas Tech University)


#218                Investigating the Usage of Cell Phone and How It Is Viewed as Rule-Breaking in the Hospitality Industry.

Hamzeh Hammadeen (Aurburn University) and Alleah Crawford (Auburn University)


#251                Millennials as Managers: A Post-Pandemic Assessment of Servant Leadership in the Hospitality Industry.

Laur-Ann Daley (University of South Florida) and Trishna Mistry (University of South Florida)


#269                You say incivility, I say abuse: A systematic literature review of customer mistreatment terminology focus and usage.

Iuliana Popa (University of Houston) and Juan Madera (University of Houston)


#284                Incubating casino employee organizational citizenship behavior – Corporate Social Responsibility Engagement.

Simon Hahn (Conrad N. Hilton College of Global Hospitality Leadership, University of Houston), Jaewook Kim (Conrad N. Hilton College of Global Hospitality Leadership, University of Houston) and Ki-Joon Back (Conrad N. Hilton College of Global Hospitality Leadership, University of Houston)





#135                Exploring online hotel reviews in major social media platforms: A text-analytics approach.

Phuong Nguyen (University of Houston), Ki-Joon Back (University of Houston) and Minwoo Lee (University of Houston)


#236                Hidden Portals: a Reevaluation of Employee Entrance Designs.

Cesar Salazar (University of Nevada, Las Vegas) and Glenn Nowak (University of Nevada, Las Vegas)


#280                California’s Organic Waste Recycling and Food Recovery Strategy (Sb 1383) Implications in Senior Living Management.

Nikol Lopez (Iowa State University) and Tianshu Zheng (Iowa State University)





#231                The Important Role of the Metaverse in Tourism Marketing.

Faezeh Cheraghi (New Mexico State University) and Christina K. Dimitriou (New Mexico State University)


#259                The Experiences of a Country Brand That Result in Brand Loyalty: the Case of “visit Mexico”

Enxiang Wang (Florida International University), Nhi Luu (Florida International University), Manish Arumugam (Florida International University), Antonio Marquez (Florida International University), Deborah Alvarez (Florida International University) and Eric Beckman (Florida International University)


#281                Building customer engagement through hotel websites.

                        Mahsa Talebi (The University of Mississippi), Rasoul Mahdavi Sareskanroud (The University of Mississippi) and Katerina Berezina (The University of Mississippi)





#171                Consumers Willingness to Visit Locally Sourced Restaurants: the Moderating Role of Social Media.

Israella Elam (Florida International Unviersity), Alexandra Kretzschmar (Florida International University), Arianna Munoz (Florida International University), Keidybel Rincon (Florida International University), Daniel Soriano (Florida International University), Fang Shu (Florida International University) and Eric Beckman (Florida International University)


#176                Factors That Influence Generation Z’s Employee Retention in the Hospitality Industry.

Adrian Pombo (Florida International University), Georgios Takkas (Florida International University), Gloria Rilo (Florida International University), Monica Zapata (Florida International University), Ayshia Roberts-Johnson (Florida International University), Fang Shu (Florida International University) and Eric Beckman (Florida International University)



#146                Not So Old-Fashioned: Exploring the Experience Economy in Distillery Tourism.

Danni Capps (Texas Tech University), Michelle Alcorn (Texas Tech University) and Ryan Maloney (Texas Tech University)


#244                Regional analysis of water-based recreation and tourism in Florida: A supply and demand approach.

                        Seungji Lee (University of Florida) and Jinwon Kim (University of Florida)


#250                Generation Z’s Perception of Travel Pledges: A Qualitative Descriptive Study.

Ailin Fei (Purdue University) and Jonathon Day (Purdue University)


#291                Marketing communication and Sustainable tourism – A systematic literature review.

Gurpreet Kour (Purdue University) and Jonathan Day (Purdue university).