Meet with the Editors

This inaugural session is open to hospitality and tourism journal editors at no charge for the first year.  In addition, since the concurrent session will take place during the pre-conference day, you do not need to be registered for the conference.  But, participation for non-registered journal editors will only be for the pre-conference session.

Editors, or their representative(s), who participate will have one hour to meet with conference attendees to provide an overview of their journal, promote their journal, give updates on submission guidelines, and discuss other relevant topics about their journal.

The virtual session will take place on Thursday, January 6, 2022 from 6-7pm (Central Standard Time, USA).  To learn more about the conference please visit The 27th Annual Graduate Education & Graduate Student Research Conference in Hospitality & Tourism

In order to participate in the “Meet with the Editors” session, please email Dr. Jason Draper at by October 25, 2021 and include the following information which will be used to promote the session:

Name of journal:
A description of or aims and scope of the journal:
A link to the journal website:

We will provide more details about the session at a later date.

Planning Committee Co-Chairs

Jason Draper, Ph.D.                Priyanko Guchait, Ph.D.